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Bring Your Value

‘Value’ is the way one considers importance, worth and usefulness of something or someone. An emotional or monetary consideration is placed, when estimating or appraising value. How do you value your service to others? Do you base your value based on others, competitors or… Continue Reading “Bring Your Value”

Business Needs Sustainable Customer Relationships

Share Kindness to Your Customers

Customer Values…

Welcome to November 2021… this is going to be a November to remember! Things are beginning to become acceptable, with Covid_19 vaccinations globally helping to pave the way for the re-emergence of business activities with some adjustments in the way business is conducted –… Continue Reading “Customer Values…”

After The Sale

How are you doing today? Customer service is always critical to your business. The sale is never fully completed until the customer – gives you a review, referral, or a recall! Yes, that’s right. When you collect the cheque, don’t forget something else has… Continue Reading “After The Sale”