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Weekend Reminder – Relax and Unwind

Make Your Own Work /Life Balance

Today I started by exhaling. Went to sleep last night exhausted from a busy schedule which involved traffic – hate traffic. I was wired, hyped up and exhausted from continuous work activity. 🚗🚘😎 Pushing on my weekend health and exercise programs and then into… Continue Reading “Make Your Own Work /Life Balance”

You Did Good…

Do you give yourself a clap, or a shoulder tap when you’ve done something good/ or completed a task? 👊👏🙌😊 Was reminded by one of my sisters that we need to celebrate ourselves. The big or small wins achieved when we accomplish our milestones… Continue Reading “You Did Good…”

Take the Day Off…

Challenge Face Off – 6/6 Scored!

When you finish a challenge its like scoring a goal in a game – the match point that wins the game. I am always more hyped watching a soccer or cricket match when the underdog helps with a win. As a highly competitive person… Continue Reading “Challenge Face Off – 6/6 Scored!”