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Social Media And Network Relationships

Building relationships involves communication. Social media requires interaction to be effective. There is one person sending, the other receiving and a lot of interpretation somewhere in the middle! While some folks find value in their online network relationships, others voice dissatisfaction with results. Simply… Continue Reading “Social Media And Network Relationships”

Buzz- Deep Dive In Context

Chronicles of an Entrepreneur- Managing people and yourself

Entrepreneurial life… Stepping into the world of business starts with determined conviction that this is your purpose. The people you have spoken to and the experiences gained – technical, marketing, sales, and relationships are what will support your business. Sometimes your brain is caught… Continue Reading “Chronicles of an Entrepreneur- Managing people and yourself”

Giving your UP – Unique proposition

What do you have that is valuable to your customers or the people you do business with? What unique skill or value are you proposing? In 2021 the focus has to be on your uniqueness. That ‘je ne sais quoi’, something special quality/ value.… Continue Reading “Giving your UP – Unique proposition”

Meeting Digitally – Customer Service Beyond Seasons