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Get Your Sales / Have Courage – 6

In business, a big dose of courage is needed. Not as a one-off, but ongoing courage that comes from the pit of your gut, in the face of adverse conditions and uncertainty. Courage takes you to a place of mental, moral, physical and spiritual… Continue Reading “Get Your Sales / Have Courage – 6”

Have Faith

Let your FAITH always be stronger than your fears. As an entrepreneur, business owner, you walk in different levels of uncertainty. In fact, because you are willing to embrace some risks and take chances to build your business, you need to have faith, and… Continue Reading “Have Faith”

Crossing Bridges

It’s Your Whatever – Believe in Yourself!

What do you really see?

Pace yourself. There may be a lot of things going on, but there is just one of you doing you! Sharing from my Dwordslayer blog (Oct.,2020) below… “It’s too many to count! There are too many times when the wrong thing is said. Too… Continue Reading “What do you really see?”