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How Do You Respond To adversity?

Resourceful – Word Of The Day

Resourcefulness is a trait that is sought out by many employers right now. Business Owners and entrepreneurs understand that life is not static, and working in silos can limit customer service and negotiation for the best for their operations. What happens to the sales… Continue Reading “Resourceful – Word Of The Day”

Let Your Experiences Inspire You

Today I Begin…

Something to think about… Starting your day with a positive mindset is one sure way of achieving success. It starts with our thoughts about what we have to do and ourselves. As you start each day, remember, its a new day, and therefore a… Continue Reading “Today I Begin…”

Create your own opportunity!

Many years ago I needed a job paying more money. Does that sound familiar? Make it happen moment “I needed something more, had a one month old baby and was uncertain about my future. As I looked around at my unfurnished apartment, there sat… Continue Reading “Create your own opportunity!”