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Get That Money – GTM

Its simple – not complicated. When you ‘get your business’ you can ‘get that money’. Its GTM when you can cash in on your activities. When you do income generating activities/work, it shows up in your bank balance. Its good to plan. It’s even… Continue Reading “Get That Money – GTM”

Good Service

Start Your Business Adventure

Today is an adventure. Well every day is an adventure when you open yourself up to challenges and opportunities.😉🙋‍♀️We are in September, and life is still moving on .. are you living, or are you waiting for something to happen? 🤔🤷‍♀️ This year has… Continue Reading “Start Your Business Adventure”

Your Will To Win…

Every individual has some level of passion and desire for success. The will to win and gain success in pursuit of goals and happiness – based on expectations is linked to the things valued in life. Your will to win should be stronger than… Continue Reading “Your Will To Win…”

Future Thinking Today…

These conversations are necessary, as we navigate the waves of uncertainty. Schedule your appointment to discuss your business solutions. New World, New Business. Adapt and Change – at dlesvg@gmail.com Let’s do this!