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Action for Experience

My life lessons started with experiences. Academics came along the way and only a priority from my early thirties, over twenty years ago. Everything my mind could conceive, dream and create I actioned. Learning how to do anything was a series of experiences on… Continue Reading “Action for Experience”

You can find a way to do it

What are you doing today…what’s the plan? In 2022 getting results and getting your business means doing things differently or tweaking what you know for improved results! Taking chances means doing something where the outcome is uncertain and the rewards can be just what… Continue Reading “You can find a way to do it”

The Struggle is real

Working for yourself takes guts and a lot of perseverance. Entrepreneurship is not for the ‘faint of heart’. Cold sweats with endless nights of ‘what to do next’ was a past I remember clearly, and there was no one to share my concerns with.… Continue Reading “The Struggle is real”

Your decision…

Its another day and another week in this year. The decisions you make today will impact on the present and the future. The way forward can be uncomfortable, but can be very rewarding for entrepreneurs and career-minded individuals. Keep focused on your goals. Keep… Continue Reading “Your decision…”

Bluntly different…

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