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Hi Folks,
Happy Friday…😎

Life sure happens with regular stuff. While minding my own business, one of my family members contracted Covid 19. So with my vaccinated and boosted self, had to quarantine – and its been interesting. My business life has not been affected much, because I work virtually ninety percent of the time, but I’ve been super careful to try not to ‘get it’. The mind can play tricks on you when you’re vulnerable, thus my goal has been to not allow what I think should happen -being so close to it- to happen. 😊👀

This is life, and we live and breathe distractions, fears, uncertainty, hurts, but we also breathe joy, fulfillment, happiness, accomplishment and the ‘overcomeable’! 🏃‍♀️🧗‍♂️🏋️‍♀️

Overcomeable is not a type o… its my word because its all overcomeable. You can overcome what comes before you, once you are breathing and moving. 🙋‍♀️🤸‍♀️💪
God gives the grace, and I’m gonna keep moving.🙏

Ps… I’m good, so no need to worry, just sharing the fact that an environmental condition does not have to be the reason why you lose focus – rather, mitigate your risk – and keep pressing onwards!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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Valentine’s day and love…


Just have to share this with you. Life is about perspective. I absolutely love valentine’s day and all the hype and commercialism around it. However, from the life lessons and experiences, find this poem captures the essence of my outlook.

Have a wonderful day of love🧡😍😎🌴

From Dwordslayer blog…

Valentines Day and Love

I’m not looking for roses,
Don’t send me a bouquet.
I’m not feeling for your chocolates
Don’t get me started on even cake
I’m not feeling for the date night
Nor the sentiments of love
Why do you wait on Valentines Day
To give me all the above?

I’m not feeling for your phone call
To ask me out, for dinner this time
I’m not waiting for a special song
The one, that says “you’ll always be mine”
I’m not trying to be difficult
Really, I’m not sure you can see
Why do you wait for Valentines Day
To say – I love you, my boo, my baby?

I’m not going to try to tell you
About all the days you made me cry
I’m not even going to give you
One more reason, to stay at my side
I’m still the person you met so long ago
The one you promised to be faithful to
Why should I wait for just one day
To hear you love me too?

To all of those who are celebrating
And happy to spruce up and get dressed
To all the loving couples
Who are somehow today feeling blessed
I’m not trying to rain on your parade
I just want this love you feel to be
Much more than a single celebration
Of a commercial, happy meal

It’s not the things that he will give you
Or the way she makes you feel
Its not the things he says he can do
Nor the way she lives your dreams
Its about a love that can find forgiveness
Comfort and compromise
Its about a love which will withstand challenges
In the face of all that brings tears to your eyes
Its about the sustaining love that goes beyond
The treasure of one time
If you can’t share the things right above
Don’t be my Valentine!


This poem was originally written in 2017 with title “Don’t be my Valentine” by Dwordslayer . It still resonates!

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