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I’ve developed my consultation services on key business areas for entrepreneurs and businesses wanting to step up, to discover a different way to get things done. Select from products which closely align with your needs. If unsure you can select ‘Out-Side D Box’ which is tailored towards general business queries and questions!

I want to help you start, commercialize and grow your business. From that great business idea, to the heart of your customer, I am here to listen, advise, coach, mentor, and be your online support on the entrepreneurial business journey. 

Let me help you identify your markets, customers, opportunities and fix any challenges along the way!

Connect with me via dluisaconsulting.company.site or


Product Details

This (90) mins session is about the money. The focus is on getting ideas customized and ready to offer to your clients / customers. 4 weeks – 5 personalized sessions. Introductory Special!

Price 250 US$/ 1700TT$ Checkout

Product Details
Welcome. Let’s get started with our 30 min discovery consultation on starting your business!
Price 65US$/410TT$ Checkout

Product Details
Social Media is a part of life. You have to be connected to be effective. What works for you may not work for your customers. This session is 90 mins. Let’s get you started!
Price 143 US$/900TT$ Checkout

Product Details
The business needs sales and customers. How do we attract our customers to gain sales for our business… 45 mins consultation to get you started! Let’s do this!
Price 143 US$/ 900 TT$ Checkout

Product Details
As an Entrepreneur its about converting that dream and idea into a marketable commodity. Wherever your business is, designing processes and systems towards revenue creation, requires strategy. This is strategy development session conducted over 60 mins. Let’s do this!
Price 190US$ /1200TT$ Checkout

Product Details
Every business needs staff to help achieve its goals. Even outsourcing requires staff to help keep your communication flowing. Let’s help you work on that plan for efficient employee fit for the roles you need filled. This is a 40 min consultation which will help get you started to get the work done! Let’s do this!
Price 190 US$/ 1200TT$ Checkout

Product Details
This is a (1) hour session to dive into your business operations, to uncover ways to adapt, pivot and change during the pandemic. Its your ‘brainstorming beyond the surface’ to discover tools already present towards business sustainability.
Price 190 US$/ 1200 TT$ Checkout

Product Details
Sometimes its difficult to put into words what you want to say, and we understand this! If its not in our line up, you can come here and lets talk ‘out-side d box’ to discover solutions or answers to questions! This session is 60 mins.
Price 111US$/ 700TT$ Checkout

Everyone has to start somewhere.

Everyone wants to go somewhere.

Let me help you get there Entrepreneur !

Product Details
CASE is Your Commercial – Action – Strategy- Execution consultation plan, packaged to help guide you towards specific goals within 5 weeks. If you want results, I’m on your team as your buddy, coach, mentor, and ACCOUNTABILITY partner.
You set the goals and its time to get it done. I’m on TEAM Entrepreneur #delivered.
Prior to purchase a consultation – Getting started is needed to establish your scope and deliverables. Let’s do this!
Price 476US$/ 3500TT$ Checkout

Product Details

This consultation helps you develop an online presence with a free blog, startup Facebook Page, and LinkedIn profile. It is dynamic, interactive and a practical step by step guided process.

There are (3) sessions 90-120 mins each to completion, and gives you the tools to start building your business strategy and online narrative simultaneously.

Prior to purchase Consultation – Getting Started is needed to establish your scope and deliverables. Let’s do this!

Price 286US$/ 1800TT$ Checkout

Product Details

CASE for Business Teams is Your Commercial – Action – Strategy- Execution consultation plan, packaged to guide your leaders/managers towards specific goals within 5 weeks. Each session is different as we navigate daily operations, solve problems, and develop strategy. Your systems, processes, income generating activities will all be reviewed during this time.

In 5 weeks, there are (2) group sessions; 3-5 leaders will have (5) individual sessions (60-90 mins), and group accountability every step of the way.

If you want results, I’m on your team as business coach, mentor, and ACCOUNTABILITY partner.

You set the goals and its time to get it done. Let’s get your TEAM ready to win! #scoregoals

Prior to purchase – ‘Consultation – Getting started’ is required to establish your scope and deliverables. Let’s do this!

PriceApprox. 1746US$/11,000TT$ Checkout

Some things you should know…

I want you to create your wealth, to generate sustainable income. Money does not grow on trees, but we can help you commercialize your business venture/ opportunity/ idea, so you can grow your own money!

This is no get rich quick way to build your legacy, and create work for yourself, community and country… the world needs ENTREPRENEURS to build our economies. My mission is to help as many businesses get started, and stay for the long haul!  

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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