Work in Your Present towards Your Future

Entrepreneurial Life – Get That Money

The quote above is from a session with an entrepreneurial client yesterday – deep & relevant. “You are no longer where you were – you are where you are right now. Keep moving forward.”

Its been quite busy these past few months, between work, volunteering and life , blogging has been on a back burner, and I miss you all! There have been a few births to rejoice, and more deaths that hit close to home. I’ve been blessed beyond measure to work with some incredible entrepreneurs on their pathway to accomplishing their dreams – and its been a rollercoaster of experiences. Where I am right now, is where moving forward starts and continues.

Your entrepreneurial life is a ‘whole journey’, that involves your business, family, friends, and community. Community is big – its bigger than the in-person connections but the virtual connections are parallel in importance. Social community is global community – and this is the present and future villages we all cohabit. As I ponder these thoughts, walk with me. Let’s go forward – to your goals and dreams.

I’ve also launched my newest consultancy – Build Your CommerceThis (90) mins session x 5 is about the money. Your trading goals – forecasting activities, developing campaigns, trade strategy, revenue actions all towards business growth! The focus is on getting ideas customized and products / services ready to offer to your clients / customers. 4 weeks – 5 personalized sessions. Introductory Special! Check it out…

You got this life – its time to Get That Money GTM

See you soon!🙅‍♀️🙋‍♀️📈


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