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“Imagine, not just a smile, a willingness to assist!” – Donna-Luisa Eversley

It’s been a busy first 6 months of 2022. Locally, regionally and globally many events and challenges have impacted on business ventures fighting for space and survival. While it appears that we are past the uncertainty of the pandemic, and its effect on commercial & business operations has stabilized, new normal behaviors are challenging the status quo. 🧐🧭🛒

Hybrid work schedules or back to full time in person presence – should the mask be kept on or off, do we really need to social distance or go back to crowding personal spaces, do we still need to wash and sanitize hands as frequently or should everyone just do what makes them comfortable? Maybe we need to adopt the essential learnings, and benefits gained from good hygiene and social practices.🤔😎🙋‍♀️

As I listen to the body language and the bold words for or against adapting to a new way forward, reminded that entrepreneurs are ready, set, go always. In all I try to do, there is an urgency to assist. At times I feel frustrated by the lack of urgency and good customer service delivery. When I’m on the receiving end, however, those times are becoming less frequent. My visit to Dominica was an amazing validation that there is ‘hope’ for customer service as an industry staple for businesses. I received and felt that smile and willingness to assist – and its a strong and big takeaway!

Be willing to assist, as you go through your day at work, in business. In all aspects of life a willingness to give genuine assistance leaves a mark that glows, and magnifies interaction excellence!🙂✔🏆

Have a fantastic day!

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