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Many years ago I worked with a young professional who insisted on being kind daily. This was intentional and involved even the simplest of tasks. Observing her decisions, it was clear when there was a struggle between what she wanted to do and the right thing to do – most times she leaned on what felt comfortable with her beliefs without compromising the best interests of the company. When I think about kindness and business, her actions that backed her words come to mind. She was also instrumental in my zeal for international business, and included me in her import and wholesale business adventures as our friendship grew.

In business there are situations where a choice has to be made. Do you accept actions that are unfair and wrong which cause unintentional harm to others or do you speak up. Sometimes the challenges affect your income, but what is unfair and unkind can hurt more than financial gain. Indeed, we have a responsibility to care for ourselves, family and business – but at what cost?

As an entrepreneur the challenges can be on both sides of the fence. Therefore, its good to choose a middle ground which will not hurt you and the business or another. If you have to make a decision in the best interests of the business, be fair and kind even if it causes discomfort to self. The person holding the position of power – business owner/ leader has the advantage and therefore where kindness and humanness lies can be exercised – it is a personal and professional choice. The cost of kindness may be humility, fair-play, and removing ego, but this lesson can sometimes cause pain and suffering to an employee unwarranted. As the entrepreneur, choose humanity.

Have a kind day.

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2 Comments on “Human Choices…

  1. Being kind is a good price to pay, one just has to remember to be fair. Everything in moderation. If someone loses a job because of unkind and unfair actions of another think thats just mean and unkind. Life is like a boomerang, what you send out can return. 🌺


  2. Kindness comes at a cost and sometimes its hard for me to draw the line where I should stop. Some once told me I does always shot myself 1st.

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