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Strategy is the action plan for execution. The action involves choices that will position the business where it needs to be. Its tactical in what is done to achieve goals. Strategy determines where you want to go and tactics – how you get there.

There are many things moving at the same time in business. Operations are not static, but ever changing, adapting to customer/ market expectations while focused on company goals. Finance, sales, marketing, logistics and distribution, warehousing, human resources, are integrated, overlapping functions that work together to deliver a promise. The end result is what matters – daily.

The business is in business to make money – profitably.

Some years ago went to help ‘fix’ a company and the executive on site shared they were making money daily and could not understand why there was a problem. From observations and investigation they were seeing daily cash transactions, but mismanaging resources, thus unprofitable. The problem was the person leading, not the business model or staff. In a few months with some minor changes including changing the leader, the business saw a profit – strategic action!

Entrepreneurs must keep focused on what’s in front , in line of sight, while moving in any direction. If one door closes, either find another door to open on make your own doorway – just keep moving. Strategy is only as effective as implemented. There will be challenges, uncertainty and chaos in the way, but learning to navigate through discomfort makes for a more ‘durable character.’ Choosing to be in business is a great move, and staying in business depends on your actions and choices.

You got this.

Have a fantastic day!

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Action time!

Let’s do a dive into your business operations and ways to adapt and win during these times! Adapting-Your-Operations-For-Current-Economic-Conditions

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