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What comes next?

This question should always have an answer for anyone in business. If there is to be a harvest, something has to be planted. There are many stages of growth – the first is critical, and that’s planting something.

The pandemic – Covid19, certainly showed most businesses that a harvest could be wiped out due to changes in market conditions. Industries across the global halted as there were many variables disturbing trade cycles and more losses due to the inability to get goods to market. The desires, needs and wants of consumers changed, and access to priorities for living influenced purchasing power.

While change was taking place at the beginning of the pandemic, many entrepreneurs and innovative creative thinkers seized the opportunities to step into the limelight as solution providers. The virtual world became the sustainable priority for trade globally.

Entrepreneurs and business owners have a responsibility to their businesses to be ready for what comes next. When you’ve completed sales, and negotiations are finalized, what comes next – are you ready for your next planting season? It should always be planting season for businesses, as this is not seasonal, but continuous. Your business basket/ pipeline/ storehouse should have something to offer to consumers with resources to buy. Every successful sale becomes history and its relevance to present income is past, as funds are spent and moved to other activities. What is your next harvest – are you getting ready to reap your next?

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As an Entrepreneur its about converting that dream and idea into a marketable commodity. Wherever your business is, designing processes and systems towards revenue creation, requires strategy. This is strategy development session conducted over 60 mins.

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