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The rags to riches stories are more than a romantic fairytale love story. Many business owners have stories to share of roughing through hard times, catching a break, and boom, they made it to the success highway of life. The stories never stop there as happily ever after is elusive, and requires consistent work to remain relevant.

Relevance equates to customer interest, need, and new business. Consumer needs are adapting and changing with the evolution of technological availability of goods and services. Indeed our hierarchy of needs can now look somewhat like ‘food/shelter/clothing/internet…etc.’ As change is constant, our decisions should be as adaptable as moving targets, and our flexible to environmental and circumstantial happenings. If you stand still while everything changes around you, you are lost in transition and need to move to navigate a way out!

The entrepreneurial success stories are everywhere. The cycle of success involves failures and the adventures of bouncing back! If one sits, meditating on all the times things knocked us over – success will pass by. In business, readiness to adapt is critical to survival. If the sun did not adapt to nightfall it would lose its relevance, so to the business owner/ entrepreneur. Living your Cinderella story has many chapters, but the story continues, and happily ever after is there for you on this journey. Make your decision – keep moving.

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