Your Business Is Numbers

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Many years ago I thought it was good to be out there, meeting customer needs and doing good. That is good on the surface, but seriously, business is a numbers game. If you’re not hitting the numbers and setting targets to keep your business profitable, you will NOT be in business for long. It’s not personal, its just business!

The good ideas, and even greater rewards require the discipline of good pricing and sales strategy – and execution. It is a numbers game. Review your costs as your overheads increase; negotiate better rates; seek out new products/ services to offer; continuously follow up on customer buying trends and market availability of substitutes; Keep sales activity up – at all times; be visual, present where your customers are; review your numbers daily. These are just a few things for focus and to check regularly. If I sound like a broken record it’s because I don’t want you to be ‘broke’!

Entrepreneurs and businesspeople can get busy focusing on everything but the numbers. If you don’t know what’s coming into the bank, and your bank balance, one day there will be nothing to check. Sorry but NOT sorry – this is about the money, and ensuring your business, good ideas, good deeds, and livelihood stays ‘open for business’. Its time to get your business.

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As an Entrepreneur its about converting that dream and idea into a marketable commodity. Wherever your business is, designing processes and systems towards revenue creation, requires strategy. This is strategy development session conducted over 60 mins.

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