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Business and trade are continuous. This is what must take place for the growth, and sustainable survival of communities. There are many ways to achieve an objective, and work is key to all developmental initiatives.

Thinking commercially is applying how business is conducted in an industry, and identifying what needs to be done to convert products/ service offering into a trading currency. Its focusing on executing an idea for a return on investment – profits. It is about money, value, and sustainability.

Entrepreneurs should focus on developing their commercial insights as this helps with positioning and negotiation. You have to focus on income generating activities daily/weekly as you build and grow your business. When you offer the value of your services and products don’t feel uncomfortable asking for payment. Set your prices and rates and be ready to negotiate for a good return on the value you offer. You have to know your worth, to ensure its not devalued. Discounting can be done in many different ways without adjusting prices. Remember your business needs to be sustainable, and everyone is minding their own business!

Keep focused – you got this!

Before you go…

Action time!

As an Entrepreneur its about converting that dream and idea into a marketable commodity. Wherever your business is, designing processes and systems towards revenue creation, requires strategy. This is strategy development session conducted over 60 mins.

Lets get started working together, just click Getting Commercial and Entrepreneurship!

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