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My life lessons started with experiences. Academics came along the way and only a priority from my early thirties, over twenty years ago. Everything my mind could conceive, dream and create I actioned. Learning how to do anything was a series of experiences on what did not work, why, and how to get better. Knowledge was accessed through reading, and inquisitive questioning – the social media of my younger day! When I finally decided it was time to get academic validation, it was like a light switch being flicked, and found many ways to improve my knowledge and experiences. Indeed, it was easier to rewire and fine-tune experiences and the value offered to others was tried, tested and improved!

I’m an advocate of continuous learning through the many avenues available now. Formal and traditional learning is only as effective as its implementation, sharing and adaptation, and updating. When Coursera came on stream, I signed up, and I’ve kept signing up to improve/ update and expand my knowledge regularly. When I started working on my MBA, immediately information and learnings were used because its application to my work was automatic. This year, will spend more time on YouTube, LinkedIn Learning, and Microsoft because those are treasure chests of knowledge waiting for further discovery!

As an entrepreneur its good to sharpen your toolkit of knowledge for both business and self. Whatever program you choose, be sure to apply what you learn to what you do, making your experiences better.

Have a day filled with new ideas and discovery!

Before you go…

Action time!

Sometimes its difficult to put into words what you want to say and do, and we understand this! If its not in our line up of services, you can come here and lets talk ‘out-side d box’ to discover solutions or answers to questions!

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