The Struggle is real

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Working for yourself takes guts and a lot of perseverance. Entrepreneurship is not for the ‘faint of heart’. Cold sweats with endless nights of ‘what to do next’ was a past I remember clearly, and there was no one to share my concerns with. Persevering through uncertainty and doubt was hard – yet the growth experienced through struggles were more valuable than anything from my corporate career. At the time, there were instances when I questioned my decision to work for myself, and start the business. Indeed, being afraid to fail was my biggest failure, because the lessons were hard to see in the moment. Many years later, I’m giving support to other entrepreneurs and helping them see, work through, and identify the positives in their experiences.

The struggles are real. Failure is real. Success is waiting, as we pass through the struggles and failures. Don’t be ashamed of falling or stumbling on this journey – for your life’s passion, dream, goals; rather be ready to work with it, and be driven to persevere through, because this is how we gain our treasure chest of experiences and success! You will win. You got this!

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