Digital solutions as business resources/ 2022

Business in 2022

Folks, we are still in a pandemic in 2022. Covid_19 and its variants are knocking at the doors of both vaccinated and unvaccinated. I’ve gotten my booster, added to vaccine and keeping a healthy diet with fitness/healthy habits in full swing. I can get Covid_19, thus want to be well equipped to fight and win with stronger immune system.

Being prepared for challenges and mitigating risk is something business people need to be ready for. Your business has to be sustainable and continue, and this happens with adaptability, resilience and awareness of your environment. Technology is a good place to start with surfing through this pandemic tide.

Some points on digital solutions and your business

  1. Listen to your customers – Use technology and digital options to help improve customer experience. Online solutions such as electronic payment options, online sales and service solutions, and delivery to door with automated processes are available – seek it out!
  2. Be accessible online/virtually – An online presence is key to meeting your customers and remaining relevant in this new business climate. Use video and streaming options to demonstrate and show your products and services. This is the way forward.
  3. Digital safety/ cybersecurity – Give customers added confidence that their transactions with your business are safeguarded by your advance system protection. Remember your business information/ secrets also need protection.
  4. Businesses should facilitate remote working for staff if work functions do not necessitate coming into office.
  5. Simplify business model – Review business systems and processes, and develop a business model that can be efficient in all aspects of operations, without bureaucracy.
  6. Education and virtual learning at home – Employee support. Be sensitive to the needs of family living and changes. Online learning and supervision with digital devices (Tablets, phones, computers, television) for classes while parents are working from home is a reality. Find a middle ground for everyone to benefit.
  7. Invest in online storage – As virtual services and activities expand, devices need more storage to handle the capacity to avoid system failures /crash due to lack of storage. Check out ‘the cloud’ and other storage solutions.

Digital transformation can take place in most aspects of your business, and its up to you to start re-imagining your business processes. Get help to do this and learn about the ways other businesses are using digital technology to improve and gain competitive advantage.

Adapted from: Moving with the times – Digital Transformation

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Let’s do a dive into your business operations and ways to adapt and win during these times! Adapting-Your-Operations-For-Current-Economic-Conditions

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