Trust and Relationships

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In the past year there has been a lot of global changes, and the focus on getting goods and services outside of a physical network of ‘who we know/ who is known’ became ‘a thing’. Suddenly online trading and sales was the way to satisfy needs, and this created many opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses to adapt their offerings. To be found online was critical to survival and basic living requirements- such as ‘masks’ were accessed from online stores and videos via YouTube for manufacturing designs. Trust had to be expanded beyond the traditional. How trust for business is supported comes with validation. Validation has to establish credibility, and this comes from awareness through a perceived ‘trusted’ source.

Reviews are now a major part of the decision-making process, and a key factor in trusting to move forward with booking a service or purchasing goods.

Today, as you reach out to your customers, employees, and community – are you a trusted source or resource? Do you have credible validation of your service /product offering? Are you visible to your customers – beyond superficial presence? Are your customers sharing reviews on social media platforms that you’re happy for others to read?

Establish consistent, forthright, clear, visible communication of what you do and who you are, and start building trust through doing what you say you will do, and communicating when it does not go according to the plan. Vulnerability is hard, but owning situations when this go wrong helps with building trust.

Keep working on trust and building relationships.


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Get Your Business/ Photo Credits: unsplash/Ryoji Iwata
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