Know Your Position

Hi Folks,

The year is coming to a close and with a few days left, where are you?

Your marketing and business strategy has to position your brand/ product/ service in the best possible light for potential consumers. Understanding the brand identity and image you want to convey to the public is key to brand success. Consumers perceive and make instant judgements and assumptions on brands, based on reviews and headlines in our present day. Thus, aligning the brand with supporting actions and messages helps to position it in the mind of the customer, giving a buying response when needed.

Everything can look different based on your line of sight…and perspective.

In the past few months I’ve had an epiphany, a mental moment of revelation and clarity on things that matter most. Sometimes one can be shackled by personal beliefs of ‘what’s right’ and ‘the best way’ to do things. Beliefs and perspectives are entwined, and actions reveal this. I’ve had a shake up, and the disruption is good, but it has made me vulnerable to weaknesses covered by strengths. I am human, though at times struggle to remember this.

As an entrepreneur, career business professional, skilled tradesman, how you position yourself and your brand comes from a place of passionate belief initially, and as time progresses, that position will change, adapting to experiences – personal, environmental, technological, and spiritual. Everything changes with awareness and knowledge. As we come to the last few days of 2021, what is your brand position your market and industry? How are you positioned for 2022?

Have a thoughtful day.🤔🙋‍♀️🌴



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