Month: December 2021

Feed Your People

Case: The belly growls One of the best ways to learn is from experience. To gain experience you have to perform an action, and sometimes you may feel uncomfortable. Sometimes you decisions are winners and sometimes you just mess up. Its okay to¬†fail, and… Continue Reading “Feed Your People”

Know Your Position

Hi Folks, The year is coming to a close and with a few days left, where are you? Your marketing and business strategy has to position your brand/ product/ service in the best possible light for potential consumers. Understanding the brand identity and image… Continue Reading “Know Your Position”

Trini Vibes For Christmas!

Hi folks, Its Christmas day and sending you some ‘Trini vibes’. This year has been filled with many challenges, and opportunities and life lessons. I appreciate and I’m very grateful for this community of friends and associates in our online world. Both the real… Continue Reading “Trini Vibes For Christmas!”