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The time spent hustling and working to make our dreams and goals a reality can be self-absorbing. In the sphere of our life comforts and living there are others in need, who may not show visibly their situation and need compassion and help. The working poor are many. There are folks among us who may be struggling to pay their mortgage, rent, bills, and buy food. Everyone has good days and bad days. Many among us in the online community need help, in giving employment opportunity, encouragement, and a reading/listening air. Yes, there are the corrupt, deceptive and scammers who prey on the kindness or desperation of others, but they too are in need of help – of a different nature – but they should not be the reason why our helping stops.

Entrepreneurship is challenging but very rewarding with persistence and perseverance. As leaders of businesses and families, be intentional in stepping back from self and step up in community awareness and giving. The phrase “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”, may be Italian, Chinese, African or unknown, is known to most, and is a truth we should all embrace with our communities.

Be blessed and encouraged on your entrepreneurial journey.


2 Comments on “Help Others…

  1. Sherol, indeed there should be joy in giving as this is a good thing, Every time I think about where I came from and my journey as an adult, there are soo many people that I can recall, some by names others by the way they helped me through a tough time. In life and business we do not live alone, and therefore helping others is a way we get to see the light and magnitude of all we have. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Greatly appreciated🌴🧡


  2. Blessing others should be essential and high on our priority list. God loves a cheerful giver….give and it would come back to you full measure and even running over.
    We must not give either expecting something or some favour in return. Our blessings comes from the Lord who supplies all our needs according to His riches in glory.
    As we prosper whether in business or otherwise we must always remember the unfortunate ones around us.
    Very inspiring and thoughtful of you writing this message.

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