Have Faith

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Let your FAITH always be stronger than your fears.

As an entrepreneur, business owner, you walk in different levels of uncertainty. In fact, because you are willing to embrace some risks and take chances to build your business, you need to have faith, and awareness of fear. Fear, is okay, as it helps you prepare for the uncertainty as you slay those opportunities. Just don’t embrace the fears, rather build your faith through your God centered relationships, and inspiration from God’s teachings. Scripture has helped in my entrepreneurial journey, and today I’m sharing. I am giving insights into my faith, my hope and the joy in knowing my path is guided by my creator.

Be blessed and encouraged on your entrepreneurial journey.


One Comment on “Have Faith

  1. Amen.
    This Scripture verse should guide us all whether you’re a Business person or just an ordinary person. “God didn’t give us a Spirit of fear but of power of love and a sound mind…2nd Timothy Cap.1 v.7.
    Fear though is a state of mind we sometimes can’t control….we must however remind ourselves of God’s word and stand on it.
    Knowing that we’re taking a step forward, maybe into a new or strange realm, realizing what the possible consequences might be we all will have butterflies in our stomachs…..however if we don’t take risks/chances we may never get ahead and realize our dreams or achieve our goals.
    So take the bold, brave step…..place your concerns in God’s hands and go for it.
    Very inspiring writing as usual….always a blessing and interest to me.
    Thank you very much for sharing.


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