What do you really see?

Life Lessons

Pace yourself. There may be a lot of things going on, but there is just one of you doing you! Sharing from my Dwordslayer blog (Oct.,2020) below…

“It’s too many to count!

There are too many times when the wrong thing is said.

Too many times when backing down is not an option- at least from my perspective. With so many things that have gone wrong in my life , there is so much more that has been right. The framing of all your experiences can change as time changes. It is okay to see things from a different angle. This is the beauty of time.

Can you count the pebbles in the picture, but do you really want to?

You see, sometimes it is not what is facing us that is the challenge, but how we see the task. Maybe the amount of pebbles do not matter, but what matters is they are placed before us, in a way that seems confusing and out of place and order. If you look closely at the pebbles a few stand out. Different and imperfect shapes and sizes, but we do see them. I see you among the pebbles, and count you.”

Be blessed and encouraged.

Copyright © 2020/2021 Donna-Luisa Eversley and Dwordslayer. All Rights Reserved.

Photo Credit: unsplash.com/Mohsen Tebi

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