Who are you?

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“Life does not seem to give us all we think we need when we seem to need it.”

That statement is filled with a lot of uncertainty and truth. Yet, in the midst of everyday challenges we can manage to survive and thrive once we re-evaluate how we use what we have to do what we must.

Recently, I shared with someone that I was trying to get things done in a traditional way, but nothing was falling in place. The crux of the matter was trying to adapt to what appears to be conventional by an unconventional human. What worked before – worked, and in trying to change things – it’s not in sync. Its a subtle craving for conformity which has touched me a bit, however, there is no alignment. Another way of looking at it is wanting to ride a horse because I can buy one now, but a car is what I’m accustomed driving, and the roads and now designed for cars not horses.

Time changes things, situations and people. When change happens going back is not going to become a fit anymore. Thus the question, who are you? Who you are right now, is not who you were five years ago. If you went back or tried to bring the past forward, you won’t fit in. So, Gamechanger entrepreneur and business actioner, how are you doing today!

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