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How are you doing today?🤔☀
There is a saying – ‘wake up and smell the coffee’, the essence of this means to face your reality, be aware of what is taking place, and its time to do something as whatever problems are present will not fix themselves.😎💡🧭

Switching things up a bit this week as my focus is on customer relationships, why good service matters, and the inevitable reviews that are a part of social media. 🤳👀

Business owners and corporate services need to wake up and smell this ‘Covid Pandemic Coffee’. It is a brew that needs attention and is everyone’s reality. We have to live with this, test vaccines and other solutions – masks, sanitizing, etc. 🙄☕😷. Adaptation and change is essential.

Some products and services have changed, adapting to the present, while others are just fighting to hold onto how things were. Every single company needs a digital interactive presence – are you onboard? 🤔📲💻🌎

What will your customers say when they write your review – does it matter to you and your business? Deliver the best and keep repeating. 🙋‍♀️🤦‍♀️🚥

Have a day of awareness and a reality check!

Before you go…

Just added a New release to my consulting services Blogging & Influencing via Social Media

This consultation helps you develop an online presence with a free blog, startup Facebook Page, and LinkedIn profile. It is dynamic, interactive and a practical step by step guided process.

There are (3) sessions 90-120 mins each to completion, and gives you the tools to start building your business strategy and online narrative simultaneously.

Let’s engage further – check out my services at dluisaconsulting  or send me an email at

All my best,


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