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Being an entrepreneur is like learning a trade, you develop your skills and become a craftsman with continuous application. You’ve got to do the work becoming actively involved in the process of making your business a success. Every single outcome is a learning experience.

Many years ago, while growing up, I had the perception that businesspeople were accountants and salespeople rolled into one. The perception of the village shop as a business was never a consideration, as business revolved around the corporate world, and one would have to know numbers and have a slick tongue to be a success. Wow, those perceptions and myopic beliefs were quickly debunked when I started looking closely at how business was transacted and maybe I could start and run my own business! I thought my dreams were a fantasy, until I believed, and stepped out beyond sales and started thinking, creating and trading my homemade shoulder pads to stores. I looked at how to get raw materials cheaply (free), only buying the essential fabric and packaging materials. The cost of manufacturing had to be so low that my profit should be over one hundred percent! Thus I was recycling in this business venture keep costs down and manage my business opportunity.

Today, during advisory sessions I can see the innovation and opportunistic thinking of young entrepreneurs eager to make it big with their business idea. I also see the struggle with understanding how to keep costs down by using what’s available rather than importing raw materials. Everyone one wants to be a success, but selecting seeds, watering the plant and patiently cultivating for many harvests takes patience, and awareness – both time bound. There will always be challenges, and learning to adapt is key to a sustainable and rewarding entrepreneurial journey.

I’ve developed a program that will take you from commercial action and strategy development to execution CASE. This is all practical – actions specific to your ongoing business idea at implementation stage, adaptation stage, reengineering stage. As your Consulting Advisor we get you to results based on your reality. It is work, but you can have support, with a trusted business mentor. CASE gives you – 10 sessions/5 weeks Commercial Action Strategy to Execution. There is support for your business/ entrepreneurial work in progress – all sessions conducted online.

Let’s engage further – check out my services and book a session at or send me an email at

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