Do What Does Not Come Naturally

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This year, 2021 has been different. My emphasis has been on improving and getting to optimal good health, thus reconditing the way I saw good health and fitness. Its been a big shake up, but according to Dexter Simon, “You will burn as much as you are willing to push” , and it has been a challenge accepted!

Every week I’m invested in myself, and the activities given by – this is not for the uncommitted. Last weekend I tackled what they call 2x2x24, which was 24 hours of 12 rides or continuous physical activity, done every 2 hours. When I signed up for this, I mentally prepared to complete the 12 rides. I knew an extra push was needed to keep on track with my goals, as my discipline was slipping, with bad habits trying to test my endurance and self control. To get the results needed, I had to do something that did not come naturally – so stepped outside of my comfort zone!

I’ve never ventured to do something as extreme as this with exercise, but pushing past preconceived limits is a part of personal growth with Dexter Simon’s program. Now I have this under my belt, its good owning my results, and I’ve got a new fitness level to exceed!

Donna-Luisa completed 12😃

To help entrepreneurs, businesspeople and others achieve goals requires working with them through uncomfortable and uncertain times. When the wicked & seemingly hard problems/challenges arise, discussions and a different set of eyes and skillset are needed. Lao Tzu the philosopher said, “If you search everywhere yet cannot find what you are seeking, it is because what you seek is already in your possession.” For some folks accessing the information and knowledge which exists within is a process of breaking out of conformity, and what appears to be a natural status quo. Sometimes you stand in front of the solutions but are blinded by tint of the glasses on the face; and at other times the tools to get what you need have to be specifically designed and developed.

Today we may be faced with the Covid_19 pandemic, but tomorrow it could be anything. As the world continues to evolve, change and shift into new technologies and solutions, your progress with your business and career goals, cannot afford to stay static. Get into the mindset of readiness to change, adapt and shift into uncomfortable and different, to the point that it is normal. When habit becomes natural do what does not come naturally, and you will give more to you!

Stepped it up a notch on this fantastic day!

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