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Sales is the result of activity. Your business thrives on the sales pipeline having a continuous flow of customers buying your goods and services. The key to the flow is continuous activity focused on engaging customers directly and indirectly to do business with you.

For all businesses generating income/ revenue, comes from activities employed by sales strategies that lead to repeatedly closing deals and negotiating for repeat business – through customer relationships. Sales is in everyone’s job description, from salesperson to janitor to chief executive, even though roles have different priorities and specific outputs.

Everyone in your business needs to be aware of how the company is performing with its sales, as this is directly linked to job and business security. Let’s be real, if your business is challenged converting enquiries and sales calls into closed sales – the business will eventually close and employment will cease. Everyone loses. The world is a competitive place, and you are responsible for your space!

Business owners and managers, salespeople and their support staff should be on top of the numbers, understanding closing ratios and what has to be done to keep customers interested enough to spend money with the business and its products. This requires a coordinated effort with all hands working synchronously to deliver an excellent customer experience – all the time.

Direct sales with customers may get you in the door with one or two deals closed; but indirect sales through affiliates, referrals, social media and a digital presence can keep your sales pipeline filled, creating and maintaining connections with customers.

How do you plan to keep your sales activities up? Action this!

Have a great sales day!

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One Comment on “Sales Is priority

  1. Love the ease of language used in the message. It makes me think about my activities and it’s impact on my actual sales.


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