Coconut Time and The Business

Entrepreneurship and coconut lessons
Copyright © 2021 Donna-Luisa Eversley. All Rights Reserved

Entrepreneurship and starting a business is a long term commitment. It can take a short or long time to move from developing your idea, creating a plan, developing a business plan, and testing your model to go to market. There are many ways to approach your objective, and reach your goals, but one thing is sure – it will take time to grow.

Everyone has a different style and way of doing things, and business development does not always follow academic or theoretical guidelines, though it helps with preparation. Getting your business started takes action, and direction, simply put – you have to plant the seed for the tree to grow and bear fruit. If you never plant the seed, and keep your idea in ‘developing/ideation stage’ there is nothing to grow.

In business for growth to take place trade actions and initiatives have to be present. You have to get it out there, and engage your product/ service with consumers. Everyone may not buy what you’re selling/offering, but some one will. Just like the coconut tree, you have to brave the elements, good and harsh conditions, to start getting responses. One day you will achieve your goals, and the fruits of your labour will be manifested in profits.

Persistence, perseverance, patience and time – together with continuous action are needed on this journey!

Go get your coconuts!

Before you go….

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Thanks and Keep Safe.


“Give hope to all you meet and watch the world grow.”

New World/New Business

Copyright © 2021 Donna-Luisa Eversley. All Rights Reserved

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