Challenge Face Off – 6/6 Scored!

Challenging Challenges…
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When you finish a challenge its like scoring a goal in a game – the match point that wins the game. I am always more hyped watching a soccer or cricket match when the underdog helps with a win. As a highly competitive person winning matters, but what’s even more important is that sense of accomplishment having worked hard to get to the end. Winning is the cherry or hot fudge on top that brownie cake – I am happy to eat the cake but the extra enhances the flavor!

Challenges set the stage for what is to come. That ‘next level’ growth needs an elevation in mindset from where you are to where you want to be. Every time a challenge is completed the thirst for the next comes begging, and the cycle of growth continues.

Accomplished, that’s how I feel every time I do my full set of ‘hand release push ups’ and bicycles for my core workout; its how I feel at the end of ‘online cardio Wednesday’, ‘Circuit Saturday’, ‘Unity Bootcamp Sunday’, ‘Online resistance training’, and all the other challenges thrown out weekly. Dexter Simon takes these transformations into good health and well-being seriously and personally – (boot-camp experience). The ’12 week diet and holistic transformation program’ with was a lot more than I bargained for. I’m thirty plus pounds lighter, and my metabolism seems to be on overdrive. My eating habits and disciplined exercise routine seems like ‘the gift that keeps on giving’.

The euphoria of the many challenges is contagious, I want more – and back again for another twelve weeks of this healthy physical and mental training. There is a new found desire to elevate these challenges, to see and experience what my body can do. Somewhere deep inside ( way beyond the surface) I’m a navy seal, with a killer instinct and can be ready for any situation (hahaha), and these challenges make my dreams feel possible even if far fetched! Yes, I scored a big goal in the battle of ‘Me v Me’.

It’s a wrap for my Face Off Challenges Series. Its now up to you to be challenged. For me, I’m already in another challenge, and looking forward to pushing beyond my known capabilities!

I’m ready for some next level business challenges 🙂

If you missed any, see below;

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Thanks and Keep Safe.


“Give hope to all you meet and watch the world grow.”

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Copyright © 2021 Donna-Luisa Eversley. All Rights Reserved

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