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Feedback is the sharing of information on something or someone, and can be specific, situational, usually requiring the giving of an opinion/knowledge. This is a two-way process of interactions giving concisely and clearly a report, and being open to receiving a response which may or may not be what you want to hear.

Feedback can be non- linear in this age of social media and open communication platforms, with no set sequence of how or when or where it will be given. Many decisions in the services industries rely heavily on customer feedback as a measure of brand, marketing and company performance. This is such an everyday essential that companies encourage customers to share their feedback via surveys, online sites and direct communication. In the hotel industry, feedback can drive business to your business or keep customers away based on reviews.

For many feedback helps with assessing coaching needs; a way to give praise/thanks; and as a performance management tool in evaluations for salary/ benefits negotiation. It’s also a way to know what works and what needs to be worked on!

One of the big wins with feedback in my opinion is the way it opens discussions, and you can learn a lot about what someone is thinking or how they feel based on their desire to share feedback. If you want to see change or improvement in a product, service or business speak up, and say something. The way decisions are made is sometimes heavily influenced by the type of feedback shared, and will impact on or change expected outcomes.

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