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Resourcefulness is a trait that is sought out by many employers right now. Business Owners and entrepreneurs understand that life is not static, and working in silos can limit customer service and negotiation for the best for their operations. What happens to the sales process if a salesman is unavailable, or the incorrect product is delivered to the customer? Further, what happens in the accounting department if there is no ink to print a much needed document, but another department in another building has one? Nothing stops in business, the process continues to flow either with good results or many fallouts.

To be resourceful requires an open mind, and willingness to go beyond what is normally expected when a solution is needed/ or a problem needs a resolution. There is a story of an event where the caterer cancelled at the last moment unexpectedly on the morning of an event with 70 persons from different islands attending training. Breakfast needed to be provided and the resourceful planner bought the local ‘street food’ Doubles, and gave a lasting cultural experience! There were no delays and it appeared as a planned breakfast experience .

The ability to think quickly and adapt to what is present and available means adjusting the way one thinks. When the Covid_19 pandemic started there were no solutions to controlling the spread, but it was quite resourceful thinking to determine that focusing on basic hygiene practices were a way forward. Certainly, washing hands frequently, sanitizing areas, social distancing and wearing a mask has helped to control the spread of the disease. While the solutions may be temporary, the response has been quite resourceful as everyone can minimize their risk exposure based on what is available to them.

Are you resourceful, and do you expect resourcefulness from others?

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