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Continuous learning is needed for personal growth and development and to gain valuable insights on things unknown to your present self. If you want to become skilled and more proficient in your area of expertise, studying, reading, pursuing a course or program is a step in the right direction. Many times in the work environment training is offered specific to the business, and this is to be approached with a positive attitude and active engagement. Engagement does not mean speaking a lot or asking questions only, but actively listening and trying to apply the new information in your specific area of responsibility.

Throughout the years I have learnt continuously about different products, businesses, customer interests, and upskilled regularly. You never know when knowledge gained in the past, may be relevant for the present, opening opportunities for the future.

You can check out ‘LinkedIn Learning’ Coursera, YouTube, Google, or many other sites, just a search away to gain more information on different skills/knowledge – Keep learning!

I’ve started a consultancy site you may find useful, please check out the link below for my services…thank you🌺


Looking forward to connecting…!

New World/New Business


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