Challenge Face Off – Step 3/6 Self Talk

Challenging Challenges…
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The only person you are sure to wake up with every single day is yourself! This is the first person you are in touch with daily and the last. What do you want to hear from yourself when you listen? For me, I need encouraging and sometimes humorous words on a regular basis, and its coming from me so it has to be positive.

While working on improving my overall health I’ve started a holistic program with . I gained a bit of weight over the years, and have this yoyo lifestyle with food and myself. I love (as in super big love) chocolate, cheesecake and comfort food. The problem with health is its much more than gaining pounds, but gaining the bad lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and a number of other health concerns. In addition, I love exercise, and taking photos, but when the best shot is a ‘head shot’, then its necessary to take charge of life choices. This is now the time for getting back to good health!

Self talk stepped in to back up concerns of myself, family and friends in a positive way. I’ve been able to keep positive self talk throughout my life, and dealing with challenges I find I need it more. This is not about someone saying motivating or inspiring stuff to you – because that’s also great; but its about having the mental inventory and resources to talk yourself into positive changes.

On this journey, I’ve used positive affirmations, and wake up every single day telling myself about how great the day before was, and how fantastic the day will be. It’s a big challenge to get on the bike for an hour or more fasted cardio, and then get on the ground and do bicycles and hand release pushups – but I do it because that positive voice says its time to do it for me.

As an avid life learner, reading and filling up on words that add value matters. When the testing comes, I get to appreciate everything I’ve read, listened to, and watched, because my bucket brain is full and ready to be used!

Do you have pep talks with yourself… and do you keep it positive?

It’s time to accept a challenge of taking care of you – get ready!

Next – Step 4 Push through the doubt and pain – is up tomorrow.

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Thanks and Keep Safe.


“Give hope to all you meet and watch the world grow.”

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Copyright © 2021 Donna-Luisa Eversley. All Rights Reserved

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