Challenge Face off – Step 1 of 6

Challenging Challenge…
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It was twelve weeks ago I accepted a challenge, and committed to work just as hard on myself as I do in business. There have been challenges within the challenge and every step along the way has been marked by measures of accountability, small goals, and teamwork.

As business people we need to be healthy and manage our stress levels in order to keep ahead of this life game. Entrepreneurship and business ventures are filled with risk and hurdles which can become quite consuming. When working for someone the paycheck is a part of a monthly guarantee, however when you write your own check and that of others, the responsibilities are heightened. Its easy to forget to eat on time and to make time to exercise and de-stress. Bad habits step in and one day, the mirror and scale reflect someone you never knew you became. For me work is easily consuming because its fun, and I love solving the business problems, so its taken some time to change my priorities, to turn back the clock, and return to that reflection I know and still love.

During one of the many weekly challenges on my ability to stay the course to the end of the challenge was tested. There was 36 hours of mental and physical testing which I processed as a business crisis, and with each hour reminded myself that my un-used and up-tapped capacity was just waiting to be unleashed. In my comfort zone I can get things done for businesses- that comfort zone is uncertainty and the unknown, but for my personal self pushing beyond what I thought was hard was a phenomenal experience.

The holistic approach to health and well-being is taken to another level by Dexter Simon and his team. His programs should be an essential criteria for anyone serious about personal care/mind shift/ discipline and maximizing your human body to its fullest physical potential. I stepped up to the challenge, and am winning the battle of ME versus Me. This is still like business to me – personal business!💪 🚴‍♂️

Do something that pushes you to the point you did not know was possible to cross…try it, accept the challenge! Visit

Next – Step 2 Pace Yourself is up tomorrow.

 Keep Safe.


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Copyright © 2021 Donna-Luisa Eversley. All Rights Reserved

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