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Thinking comes naturally to do routine stuff. Without effort the human brain seems ready and engaged at all times. However, there are three different modes of thinking – lateral, divergent and convergent. To process the information it receives the mind uses imagination, logic or a mixture of both. Lateral thinking is a mixture of both logic and imagination and involves both creative and critical problem solving skills. Divergent thinking is creative, horizontal thinking which captures spontaneous ideas, which can be quick and easily formed, and in my opinion helps tremendously with innovation and ideation. Then there is convergent thinking or logical processing of information, seeking out standardized, analytical solutions seeking alignment with ‘what’s been done’ tried and true sense-making.

How we think affects or decision-making and results, hence critical thinking is an essential asset in business. Everyone should try to develop their thinking as this helps with problem solving and resilience, two much needed skills for our present work environment!

It’s time to move forward.

Looking forward to connecting…!

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