Consumer Convenience-Comfort and Connectivity

Consumers have proven that they are resilient, capable of adapting to a digital landscape when the need arises, and ready for the way business will be done in the future.

In just under two years there has been a global shift from tentative embracing of digital solutions and services by skeptics wary of online businesses, to online and digital demands for access, from banking to groceries, healthcare services to education and schooling. Everything that can be adapted virtually, is being adapted. The changes have been swift and necessary, for trade, and everyday life based on the nature of Covid_19. With vaccines being rolled out globally and some countries opening up and reducing restrictions on movement, do you think consumers will spend less time on their preferred digital channels post pandemic? This question was raised in a McKinsey article I reviewed yesterday.

Mckinsey’s research suggests adoption of digital channels across the globe and industries has plateaued in the last six months, and advise businesses should build on their customers digital experiences to gain trust (What’s next for digital consumers -McKinsey,2021). My take on this is adoption is for keeps when it comes to opening up new options/markets/channels to access goods and services. This has been a phenomenal change, both sudden and global, and consumers are armed with more access than they may have had in the past. Competition will be next level fierce, as differentiators will be availability, presence, loyalty and trust.

As you consider what you would do as a consumer, and as a business product and service provider, lets start preparing for our next steps! This is a new world, and new way of doing business moving forward!

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Keep Safe!


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