You Are In It For The Money – It’s Okay!

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Something to think about…

I recently had a conversation with a young lady who seemed embarrassed to say she needed to work for money. I pondered this and other conversations in recent times, realizing that many folks have a problem saying, “I’m working because I need the money, or lost my job and I need to earn money.” There should never be a reason to apologize or feel uncomfortable stating a fact, which indeed is a necessity of life. The workforce is employed because people need to earn, to make money, generate income, be paid for services or products because its necessary. Trade on every single level, facilitates the exchange of cash or financial instruments for service or commodity. When trade slows down, or halts a crisis can occur, for country, businesses and people.

Entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and employees are all impacted by the ongoing pandemic covid19. For many employees, the ‘safe job’ is no longer safe; and for businesses, its a time to adapt and find different ways to satisfy changing consumer needs. “The commerce of revenue for livelihood” is my way of saying the activities which result in buying, selling and facilitating the trade cycle for income (revenue) is directly needed to sustain the lives which we are accustomed to living. Every job is important, and every role of employees and businesspeople and customers in the commercial cycle is valuable – when looking from a bird’s eye view. We are all in it for the money, and all the nice things we can do when paid.

Let’s be kind to folks in need of some support during this pandemic. If you can, reach out, and share support.

Keep Safe.

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