Be The Leader In Your Life

Photo Credits: Nickson
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2 Comments on “Be The Leader In Your Life

  1. Sherol thank you. This so well detailed and articulated. That double strength you speak of is the backbone of every good leader. Unbiased, disciplined and a role model, emphatic , problem solver, mentor, guide, all of these become attributes ingrained through action. Thank you for always being an excellent example and support!


  2. Indeed….with leadership comes responsibilities
    It means every member would be depending on you for guidance and leaning on you for support
    You’re expected to be a role model, a problem solver, a stress reliever among other things
    You’re supposed to have double strength, a rock a Peacemaker when disagreement arises because of course there will be.
    You’re expected to be unbiased and even if you have favourites it must not be displayed so others can be affected
    Although you must be strong you have to be sympathetic when needs be.
    I encourage you to continue to be a blessing today and always

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