The Business and Job Security

Something to think about…

Job security is a major concern for many employees during a pandemic. These workplace earners offer their skills, and services for income to meet their survival and livelihood needs. For the business owner/ board of directors, having a profitable business is a hallmark of success. The responsibility of keeping the organization operational belongs primarily to the business owner and his directors. During challenging times, it may be necessary to look at all expenses and plan for business survival.

Focusing on making the organization lean in times of uncertainty, is definitely a good strategy for long term sustainability; however, finding new markets and creating/ seeking out new business is key to increasing revenue potential. Let’s be real- doing the same thing as in the past will not give the results desired or the stability required. Employees are people, offering services for pay/money and we need to provide work for this cycle to continue.

Job security and business sustainability should go hand in hand. Today I listened to an employee and employer from different parts of the world, sharing one major shared concern – sustainable income. What should they do to ensure the business survives through this pandemic, and how can they adapt to ensure there is income in their industries? These are questions everyone should consider and have an answer to give to themselves- and stakeholders. How will you answer these questions in your life?

Finally, remember – Kindness has a reward for everyone.


If you’d like to discuss the above as it relates to your business or enterprise send me an email and will be happy to schedule a meeting!

Give Hope to all you meet and watch the world grow!

Photo Credits: Kotliarskyi

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