Healthy Work And Culture…

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2 Comments on “Healthy Work And Culture…

  1. Excellent analysis and deep insights into the reality of this phrase, as well as the importance to a healthy work environment! Thank you for sharing, your contribution is greatly appreciated🌺🌺


  2. This is very important…it is evident in many businesses/Government Dept. etc. that the work almost comes to a halt when a particular person has to be away…oftentimes numerous phone calls has to me made seeking help and soliciting ideas in handling a particular matter.
    Even while one may be sick they’re still burdened…if death should step in it speaks disaster for that entity…some persons believe in looking back but should be mindful also that mistakes can be there and probably that entity is moving into a new era
    It’s true no man is an Island because indeed we need others in our lives for our survival however it’s imperative that workers be interesting in learning as much as possible if even it involves multitasking not only for that entity but for their own knowledge and uplifting as well.

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