Social Media controls what/who?

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Copyright © 2021 Donna-Luisa Eversley. All Rights Reserved.

Something to consider…

Do you control your presence on social media or does it control you? Are you always reaching for your phone, aimlessly surfing the platforms and posting random things seen or done during the day? Do you panic when you can’t find your phone, and need to have it closer to you than a spouse? Well maybe, you need to check in with yourself from time to time, and ensure your answer is ‘no’ to all questions asked here. I’m guilty sometimes, but make a serious effort to disconnect periodically during the day – so I control my time on line as it can become addictive. Presently, my online time is scheduled… mostly!

With social media, what you post, like, share and respond to is your narrative, and this becomes your footprint. What others see from you- influences who you are to them, and this can be quite Positive/ detrimental when building a career or business. There is no such thing as remaining neutral, unless you indicate accordingly. Wisdom and understanding is a responsibility we all have engaging online, and everyone is ‘checked out’ here. So, who controls your online persona/ voice – and do you think it reflects who you are offline?


If you’d like to discuss the above as it relates to your business or enterprise send me an email and will be happy to schedule a meeting!

Give Hope to all you meet and watch the world grow!

Copyright © 2021 Donna-Luisa Eversley. All Rights Reserved. Contact: to book business consultancy, coaching and speaking services.

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