Free Yourself and Disrupt

Photo Credits: Yjii
Copyright © 2021 Donna-Luisa Eversley. All Rights Reserved.

Life is more meaningful when others are in our orbit. There is joy and fulfillment when stepping forward to offer help either in words or deeds. However, the challenges of our own lives can keep the focus on us, blocking the view of others who may need our help and inspiration. In this life there must be balance and an exchange of positions – one person carries while the other creates, and the roles reverse as needed. Sometimes the person creating/ working doing needs the space to excel, build and grow. Then, the time comes when the creating stops, for the helping or carrying of another. To carry is to give service to our society, communities, families and loved ones. Our lives were never meant to be all unto oneself – in my humble opinion. Thus, disruption is great- moving within our roles, always besting or last efforts! Allow yourself the time and freedom, to break free of the status quo!


If you’d like to discuss the above as it relates to your business or enterprise send me an email and will be happy to schedule a meeting!

Give Hope to all you meet and watch the world grow!

Copyright © 2021 Donna-Luisa Eversley. All Rights Reserved. Contact: to book business consultancy, coaching and speaking services.

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