Create your own opportunity!

Many years ago I needed a job paying more money. Does that sound familiar?

Make it happen moment

“I needed something more, had a one month old baby and was uncertain about my future. As I looked around at my unfurnished apartment, there sat my sewing machine on a small table in the middle of the room. There was a dress which needed shoulder pads to complete it and could not afford to purchase them. The dress was for my first day back to work, and my eighteen year old self had a light bulb moment, to design and make shoulder pads for the dress and for sale to stores. I like to dream big! The next six months were days filled with activity, as baby was taken to daycare, reached out to fabric store owners to and from work, and after feeding my son, I sewed the orders to deliver the next day before or after work.”

There are opportunities just waiting for conversion – from idea to actual. Sometimes its a solution to a problem you have, and at other times its an intentional focused innovation. Every single person has an idea waiting to be discovered, and for me creativity and innovation happens when a solution is needed.

Its possible to create the dream not given to you. Its possible to create that job and work for the only person ready to recognize your abilities. Its possible to prove to yourself and the world at large you are in this life to win and succeed, whatever curveballs are thrown at you. You have the capacity to create your opportunities!

Let’s convert that dream!

Donna-Luisa (Mask Up!)

About Me: Family and People are big motivators for me. Business Development, Entrepreneurship and everything else are intertwined, existing together in my life. As a problem-solver navigating through chaos and crisis is always my new normal. We can make sense of everything!

Give Hope to all you meet and watch the world grow!

Contact: for professional services – entrepreneurship, business consultancy, coaching and speaking appointments.

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6 Comments on “Create your own opportunity!

  1. Thank you are correct, “vatch them and bring to life like a gift,” Beautifully accurate description 🌴


  2. Every situation has opportunity. One need to catch them and bring to life like a gift.

    Liked by 1 person

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