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Its 25 days into the new year and I’m pumped and excited to see what each day unfolds. Has my environment and the surroundings changed…no, but I’ve been working on my mindset, and the reframing of the way I look at some things are different. Keeping a positive attitude makes a big difference. Your attitude is linked to your emotional outlook and feelings, hence having a positive attitude is associated with positive behaviors, smiling, congeniality, helpfulness, resilience, resourcefulness.

Your mind is for the most part, within your control. You get to feed it, care for it and develop its ability to think and respond to triggers the way you want it to. Your strengths and weaknesses give you balance with your personal growth as they mirror positive behaviors when needed. You may be great in sales but weak in budgeting, as you become more aware of the necessity of budgeting to achieve your personal goals, you may find yourself looking at sales relationships differently. You need the revenue from sales, and therefore will pay closer attention to the margins when negotiating. The way you set goals is also affected by your desire for success, and measuring your goals helps to keep you grounded, as you seek out realistic outcomes, and the inevitable stretch goal, that pushes you beyond your boundaries. Building that competitive trait is needed to help you on your success journey, as testing against others can help to move you to improve on your past best results.

I found a super hero by the name of Chris Williams from the Digicel MasterClass Series Episode 5. This Jamaican businessman is on fire. The man is pure energy and a force of positive enlightenment! Everything coming from this session had me at the edge of my seat, especially as I’ve lived through a lot of what was discussed. My battle scars feel like medals of honor in business now. Enough of the fanfare and let me share some highlights with you. First, self awareness was highlighted as a major aspect in developing a success mindset. The power of bouncing back from hurdles and bumps in your business journey was illustrated, with advice on developing personal shock-absorbers like those in motor vehicles; being able to rise up and keep in pursuit of your dreams. Another key point raised was the lessons from failure as ‘you don’t lose if you learn’, was in my opinion fundamental in how to approach taking chances and going after your dreams. The rapport of Dr. Terri- Karelle and Chris Williams is quite engaging as you will discover as you review the video below.

Digicel Master Class 5

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There is a saying, ‘acres of diamonds in your own backyard’, and as I attended each online Digicel MasterClass in their Jamaica’s Digicel Business series, it felt like being on a safari for knowledge within my region. I’ve been to Jamaica a few times for business, but listening put a different spin on what they have to offer, and just looking forward to my next visit!

January 2021 is coming to a close soon, and we are learning about new variations to the Covid_19 coronavirus. As this virus evolves, we need to be one step ahead of it. Is this going to be harder than the surprise of it happening – NO! We have the tools to keep it at bay, but tools are only as good as the user. We must be tactical in our activities, both for business and health and well being. Chris Williams shared a profound thought in, ‘be someone others are inspired by, and be inspired by others, as this is a testimony of living a life of both giving and receiving. Seek to learn as much as you can from others who have lived through challenges and have come out to successfully tell their story

This year lets have a yearning to learn much more than we know, and elevate our capacity to another level! Keep safe!


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Give Hope to all you meet and watch the world grow!

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Copyright © 2021 Donna-Luisa Eversley. All Rights Reserved

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