Chronicles of an Entrepreneur- Managing people and yourself

Entrepreneurial life…

Stepping into the world of business starts with determined conviction that this is your purpose. The people you have spoken to and the experiences gained – technical, marketing, sales, and relationships are what will support your business. Sometimes your brain is caught up thinking and spending all the money you are about to make. It may not have hit your account yet, but its already spent on the life you are about to lead. The brain and mindset need conditioning, which comes with knowledge and a background that supports entrepreneurship.

You will learn a lot about humans and employees at this stage as you are no longer a staff member, but the employer. For some things to fit – training and adjustment is needed in business philosophy and a new lens to see the responsibility of being the employer. This is the time when you need to seek out and develop a team to support and work with you, who are empowered by their knowledge to make decisions.

The business plan focuses on the overall picture and strategy of what you want to get done and how you think you can achieve your goals. Each component of the plan needs to be further developed as you go through the business development process. The area of human resourcing and business requirements should be reviewed regularly and adjustments made strategically. There are a lot of emotions which play a vital and not so vital role when hiring people. Your personal beliefs and values underscore people selected for roles. There are companies and people who can handle recruitment more efficiently and impartially, and this should be considered, even in early stages of business.

The entrepreneurial life is exciting, but come with responsibilities for people and their career goals and needs. When thinking about this, think about yourself, and what you hope to achieve in the future for everyone involved in your business.

About Me: Family and People are big motivators for me. Business Development, Entrepreneurship and everything else are intertwined, existing together in my life. As a problem-solver navigating through chaos and crisis is always my new normal. We can make sense of everything!

Give Hope to all you meet and watch the world grow!

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