Moving with the times- digital transformation

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We are 13 days into the new year, and its time to settle into implementing our plan for the first quarter of the year. If you don’t have your plan ready, its not too late to get started. Your plan is your roadmap, its where you press start on your GPS to take you to your destination – Sustainable Business Street!

Last year the world experienced changed like no other time in recent history. The pandemic Coronavirus Covid_19 hit everywhere and in all countries business systems and structures and economies braced for impact. The shocks are still ongoing, but with everything happening, global connection and communication continued. The digital era with virtual resources became a branch of hope, a way to continue, a way to communicate, and a way to keep economies going. As governments sought to find ways to keep their citizens safe with the provision of medical and other supplies for expanding health care services, trade took place online. Companies, faced with a crisis of logistics and trade access used Zoom to host meetings, and online financial transactions for commerce were maximized. A Mindshift is needed to be open and embrace the continuous changes that are taking place right now. We have to adapt, adopt and innovate a new normal with technology.

Business must continue, and solutions were adopted with agility and readiness by those already involved in digital transformation. The smartphone is now essential as a base for customer service, sales and new business, service support, supplier engagement and logistical activities. As countries went into lockdown with only essential services at sites, remote operations and trade were ramped-up. Learn-as-you-go is the new normal. Business operations need perseverance through changes.

In November 2020 Digicel Jamaica hosted their MasterClass series, sharing insights from ‘Caribbean Business Masters’ in Jamaica. For six weeks there were discussions on various aspects of business and how to operate business during the challenges of the pandemic. In essence, it was sharing of support and hope to the business community, with real solutions for riding through this pandemic. The third week was on Digital Transformation and here are my thoughts after that session.

  1. Listen to your customers and understand their pain points. A specific response is needed to remove or relieve pain. Use technology and digital options to help improve customer experience. Online solutions such as electronic payment options, online sales and service solutions, and delivery to door with automated processes are available – seek it out!
  2. Simplify your business model. How you get to market virtually can be integrated with social media platforms. Having an online presence is key to meeting your customers and remaining relevant in this new business climate. Use video and streaming options to demonstrate and show your products and services. This is the way forward.
  3. Digital solutions in finance need cybersecurity as threats and security breaches can happen. Give customers added confidence that their transactions with your business are safeguarded by your advance system protection. Remember your business information/ secrets also need protection.
  4. Its necessary and important for businesses to facilitate remote working for staff if work functions do not necessitate coming into office. Review business systems and processes, and develop a business model that can be efficient in all aspects of operations.
  5. Education and virtual learning is at home. Be sensitive to the needs of family living and changes. Online learning may be new and children need supervision with digital devices (Tablets, phones, computers, television) to get through classes while parents are working from home.
  6. Invest in online storage, as virtual services and activities expand, devices need more storage to handle the capacity or there can be system failures or a crash due to lack of storage. Check out ‘the cloud’ and other storage solutions.
  7. Digital transformation can take place in most aspects of your business, and its up to you to start re-imagining your business processes. Get help to do this and learn about the ways other businesses are using digital technology to improve and gain competitive advantage.

Listening to Aileen Corrigan‘s interview on Digicel MasterClass/ Digicel business series, was an eye-opener and added value. As I tuned into the interview conducted by Dr. Terri Karelle, insights were gained on the importance of digital transformation for our business and markets. This is the third of six sessions, and you can check it out below.

Digicel Master Class 3

**Please note I do not own nor have I been involved in this production, but sharing as a part of online learning.

To get through 2021 successfully focusing on building relevance is necessary. Are we equipped with the knowledge and access to resources to reach our customers to offer goods and services? Understanding the changing market conditions and how to navigate the virtual landscape is an ongoing process. Change is constant and as we progress we change. These are fascinating times, its time for digital integration of your business!

This year its about learning, and using the power of new knowledge!


About Me: Family and People are big motivators for me. Business Development, Entrepreneurship and everything else are intertwined, existing together in my life. As a problem-solver navigating through chaos and crisis is always my new normal. We can make sense of everything!

Give Hope to all you meet and watch the world grow!

Action time;

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2 Comments on “Moving with the times- digital transformation

  1. Thank you very much for adding this critical insight. The customer sees what is needed, and values the end not the process 🤔 most times.


  2. you have put all important points Donna. Transformation is required and necessary to implement. The only thing a customer sees is your knowledge and capabilities to deal with the transformation phase at the time of implementation.

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